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Let Us Help You

The Physicians Association of North Texas (PANT) is always looking to recruit new board-certified providers. We’re committed to providing exceptional services and promoting independence for our members through managed care contracts, credentialing services, revenue cycle management consulting, and collaborative education from PANT.

PANT offers members the opportunities:

  • Participate in over 25 managed care contracts which we negotiate on your behalf for competitive rates, reimbursement payment timeframes, and timely filing deadlines.

  • Take advantage of our delegated credentialing services which saves your practices time.  

  • New hire prescreening to include one online advertisement, ad writing, and resume forwarding once per year

  • Up to 1 hour per quarter of revenue cycle management consulting, operations management, or vendor review

Interested in becoming a participating provider:

  • Providers may include primary care physicians, acute care specialists, post-acute care specialists, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, 

  • Located in North Texas

  • Independent or independent group  

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